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Model 1885

The beauty of a single shot rifle

The great classic among single shot hunting and shooting guns was designed and perfected by John Moses Browning at the end of the last century. This gun has remained as beautiful and impressive today as it was 100 years ago.

A single-shot rifle requires particular care and accuracy in setting up the shot: each shot must count. Available in numerous calibers, from varmints to the largest of buffalo, the Model 1885 combines the pleasure of tradition with the advantages of perfect fabrication, using the best of modern steels.

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1885 Low Wall

61 cm barrel, available in varmint-shooting calibers. With a pistol-grip stock that makes for excellent handling, the 1885 Low Wall is the ideal hunting or shooting gun.

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1885 High Wall

The octagonal 71 cm barrel and English stock give this gun its purity and finesse of line.

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1885 BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle)

Available in caliber 45-70 or 40-65, it is perfectly suited for BPCR silhouette shoots. Its jaspered finish is identical to the original version. It is fitted with a Vernier rearsight and interchangeable front sight inserts.

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1885 BPCR "Creedmore" (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle)

Its 86 cm barrel propels the bullet 45-900 m at 400 meters per second. The 1885 Creedmore is fitted with a Vernier type peep sight and a spirit level.

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1885 Traditional Hunter

A beautiful Browning finish emphasizes the charm of this old-fashioned rifle. Steel butt plate, oil-rubbed finish, octagonal barrel, etc.

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1885 Low Wall Traditional Hunter

Its part octagonal, part round 61 cm long barrel offers a perfect compromise between accuracy and weight. The jaspered receiver and butt plate give it a superb appearance!


Model 1885 High Wall 1885 Low Wall 1885 BPCR 1885 Creedmore 1885 Traditional Hunter 1885 Low Wall Traditional Hunter
Caliber 22-250 Rem., 270 Win., 30-06 Sprg., 7mm Rem. Mag.,
22 Hornet, 223 Rem.,
243 Win.
45-70 Govt.
45-90 30-30 Win., 38-55 Win. 357 Mag.,
44 Mag.,
45-70 Govt.
Length 710mm 610mm 760mm 864mm 710mm 610mm
Rearsight - - Vernier type Vernier type Adjustable + Vernier type Adjustable + Vernier type
Frontsight - - 8 interchangeable inserts 8 interchangeable inserts gold plated with base plate gold plated with base plate
Length 343mm 335mm 335mm 335mm 343mm 343mm
Drop at Comb 14mm 16mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm
Drop at Heel 29mm 27mm 22mm 22mm 38mm 38mm
Capacity 1 1 1 1 1 1
TOTAL WEIGHT 3,950kg 2,850kg 5,000kg 5,150kg 4,100kg 2,850kg
Action Frame blued blued hardened - jaspered blued blued hardened - jaspered
Wood gloss varnished gloss varnished oil finished oil finished oil finished oil finished