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beauty and the bandit - (USA 1946) starring gilbert roland and ramsay ames. the bandit spanks the beauty across his knee, first with his hand and then with a piece of wood. (enter for pictures and text)

blue hawaii - (USA 1961) (dir) norman tourog, starring elvis presley and jenny maxwell. the lovely jenny maxwell is suffering from self pity claiming that nobody loves her, elvis disagrees and turns her over his knee and spanks her quite hard. (enter for picture and text)

the battle of the villa fiorita - (GB 1964) starring rossano brazzi and olivia hussey. a man is trying to force a young lady to eat but she stubbornly refuses, so he puts her over his knee and spanks her. (enter for picture and text)

the bad seed - (USA 1956) (dir) mervyn le roy, starring nancy kelly and patty mcormack. patty mcormack may look sweet, but in this film she`s a liar and a murderess. at the end of the film her mother (nancy kelly) puts her across her knee and gives her behind a firm spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

bunker bean - (USA 1936) starring owen davis jr and louise latimer. owen davis jr objects to the man louise latimer is dating, she thinks this is a liberty and tells him so, he then gives her a hard spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

captain lightfoot - (USA 1955) starring rock hudson and barbara rush. the captain gives a young lady a hard spanking for associating herself with a man her father and himself dissaprove of. (enter for pictures and text)

cattle annie and little britches - (USA 1980) the sheriff puts a cowgirl in her place by giving her bottom a firm spanking. (enter for picture and text)

donovan`s reef - (USA 1963) starring john wayne and liz allen. big john puts lovely liz across his knee and gives her behind a hard spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

diary of forbidden dreams - (ITALY 1973) starring marcelo mastroianni and sydne rome. a military man questions a pretty american lady but doesn`t get the answers he wants, so he gives her behind a painful switching. (enter for pictures and text)

dottie gets spanked - (USA) a young boy who shows an obvious interest in spanking wins a trip to the set of his favourite tv show, and the scene features his favourite female tv star being spanked. (enter for pictures and text)

*everything`s on ice - (USA 1939) starring edgar kennedy and lynne roberts. edger kennedy spanks lynne roberts in response to her telling him "i`ll show you who`s running this family." (enter for pictures)

the fearless vampire killers - (USA 1967) (dir) roman polanski, starring sharon tate. the hotel landlord has told his daughter (sharon tate) not to use the downstairs bath, while showing 2 men around he catches her doing just that and later spanks her for it. (enter for pictures and text)

flying down to rio - (USA 1933) starring gene raymond and dolores del rio. an american pilot spanks a beautiful south american lady when she becomes bossy during a discussion. (enter for pictures and text)

frontier gal - (USA 1945) starring rod cameron and yvonne deCarlo. during an argument rod cameron tries to convince yvonne decarlo that he loves her, she argues otherwise which annoys him, so he puts her across his knee and administers about 40 hard spanks to her behind. (enter for pictures and text)

frank and i - (UK 1983) starring christopher pearson and jennifer inch. a young lady runs away from her guardian (who also runs a brothel) dressed as a boy and ends up meeting an upper-class british lord of the manor. one day before he realises she`s a girl he canes her bare bottom for going through his private books. (enter for pictures and text)

the footloose heiress - (USA 1937) starring craig reynolds and ann sheridan. two couples swap partners for a dance and one of the ladies tips off one of the guys that his partner is trying to make a fool of him, he then proceedes to march her out of the dance and over his knee for a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

the happy valley - (UK 1989) starring holly aird. this film contains 4 spanking scenes. it features the same girl (about 15) receiving three whacks with a ruler on her hand, plus two canings and a whipping on her behind. (enter for pictures and text)

holiday for lovers - (USA 1959) (dir) henry levin, starring gary crosby and carol lynley. carol lynley gets her behind firmly spanked by the man who desperately wants to marry her. (enter for picture and text)

the half way house - (UK 1944) starring richard bird and valerie white. a bath time row results in valerie white getting her behind spanked by richard bird with a large bath brush. (enter for pictures and text)

i love lucy (USA TV 1954) starring desi arnaz and lucille ball. desi arnaz puts his screen wife, lucille ball, across his knee and spanks her bottom for misleading him. (enter for pictures and text)

the iron maiden - (GB 1962) (dir) gerald thomas. starring michael craig and ann helm. an attractive young american lady drives a man`s prize possesion (a traction engine), into a barn. he then puts her over his knee and spanks her for it. (enter for pictures and text)

june bride - (USA 1948) starring robert montgomery and betty lynn. pretty betty lynn is taken over robert montgomery`s knee for a spanking on her behind with a rolled up newspaper. (enter for pictures and text)

kentucky woman - (USA 1984) starring cherly ladd. cherly is working as a miner and is the only female employee, one of the workers suggests that she should be initiated like all the others were, the initiation means being smothered with grease and spanked on her behind with a piece of wood. (enter for pictures and text)

kiss me kate - (USA 1953) starring howard keel and kathryn grayson. keel puts grayson across his knee and spanks her in front of a packed house audiance in this stage play film. (enter for picture and text)

lady jane - (GB 1986) (dir) trevor nunn, starring helena bonham-carter. historical movie about the 9 days queen of england `lady jane grey`, played by the lovely helena bonham-carter. in the movie jane recieves a severe birching on her behind from her mother because she is refusing an arranged marriage. (enter for pictures and text)

love crimes - (USA 1991) (dir) lizzie borden, starring sean young and patrick bergin. a detective investigator (sean young), goes in undercover to investigate a photographer who is abusing the women that model for him. while trying to trick the photographer he finds out and gives her a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

live nude girls - (USA 1995) starring dana delaney. this film is based around 5 or 6 ladies who are sitting around and chatting about their various relationships and fantasies, dana then confesses that one of her fantasies is to be punished by spanking by a mafia godfather (which is shown). (enter for pictures and text)

#look for the silver lining - (USA 1949) starring june haver and gordon macrae. june haver is offered the part in a play but refuses claiming it`s not a good enough part for her, her husband disagrees and spanks her for it. (enter for pictures and text)

love, Honor and behave - (USA 1938) starring wayne morris and priscilla lane. a couple have a big domestic fight which includes throwing items at each other as well as punches, eventually wayne resolves the dispute by giving priscilla a firm spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

*land of the giants - (USA tv 1968-70) a girl is spanked by her grandfather for teasing and being cruel to the little people. (enter for picture and text)

mclintock - (USA 1963) (dir) andrew v. mclaglan, starring john wayne and maureen o`hara. this movie features two spanking scenes. first stephanie powers gets a spanking from patrick wayne, and then famously maureen o`hara is spanked by john wayne. (enter for pictures and text)

my little margie (USA tv 1956) starring charles farrell and gale storm. a father gives his adult daughter a spanking in front of her boyfriend. (enter for pictures and text)

on moonlight bay - (USA 1951) (dir) roy del ruth, starring gordon macrae and doris day. 2 young boys are playing with a gun in a barn until a young lady arrives and gives them a ticking off and takes the gun away from them. as one of the boy`s elder brother arrives the gun accidentally goes of in the lady`s hand which earns her a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

the meanest gal in town - (USA 1934) starring james gleason and pert kelton. gleason kidnaps kelton and takes her to a barn/house, eventually he puts her across his knee and spanks her. (enter for picture and text)

my best girl - (united artists 1927) starring lucien littlefield and carmelita geraghty. an elderly father tells his family that he`s the father of the family and puts his grown up daughter over his knee for a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

moll flanders - (UK 1996) starring robin wright. robin wright is birched on her bottom at the convent by a nun. (enter for pictures and text)

the naughty flirt - (USA 1931) starring paul page and alice white. a man gives an attractive young blond lady a dozen firm spanks on her bottom across his knee at a party. (enter for pictures and text)

nice girl? - (USA 1941) starring robert benchley and ann gillis. the youngest of 3 sisters is spanked by her father for telling tales when warned not to. (enter for pictures and text)

oshiritataki - (japan 1980) a schoolgirl is bored during a lesson and causes a disruption when the teacher`s back is turned, unfortunately for her she gets caught and is spanked for it. (enter for pictures and text)

our wife - (USA 1941) starring melvyn douglas, ruth hussey and ellen drew. melvyn douglas puts ellen drew across his knee and spanks her behind for faking a disability, ruth hussey finishes it of with 16 firm spanks of her own. (enter for pictures and text)

postriziny - (CZECH 1981) starring jiri Schmitzer gives magda vasaryova. an attractive lady gets a spanking from her husband with a rubber strap for having her hair cut short against his wishes. (enter for pictures and text)

*rustlers - (USA 1949) starring tim holt and martha hyer. tim holt turns martha hyer upside down and spanks her. (enter for pictures and text)

rawhide - (USA tv) episode: the last chance. starring john kerr and roxane berard. a cowgirl ignores a cowboy`s advice and gets into trouble, the cowboy rescues the situation then puts the cowgirl across his knee and spanks her. (enter for picture and text)

rote lippen, blave bohnen - (GER 1950) a pretty cowgirl fires a stray shot which goes through a cowboys hat, he then confronts her and gives her a firm spanking for it. (enter for picture and text)

the romantic age/naughty arlette - (GB 1949) starring raymond lovell and mai zetterling. the bratty daughter of the head of the house is spanked on her behind firmly with a hairbrush by the butler. (enter for pictures and text)

route 66 - (USA) starring diane baker. a young wife (diane baker) is spanked by her husband while bending over the kitchen table for several wrong doings which he reminds her of after each spank. (enter for pictures and text)

sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-o-rama - (USA 1988) (dir) david decoteau, starring brinke stevens and robin rochelle. two girls are determined to join the sorority and must face a large american school paddle in an initiation ceremony. (enter for pictures and text)

the saint - (UK 1964) starring roger moore and erica rogers. the saint is camping out with a girl who flatly refuses to help out with anything, `so he spanks her`. (enter for pictures and text)

stronger than desire - (USA 1939) (dir) leslie fenton, starring walter pidgeon and rita johnson. walter pidgeon puts the lovely rita johnson over his knees and spanks her behind. (enter for pictures and text)

sign of scorpio/madame o - (DEN) a schoolteacher canes a girl on her bare behind in front of the entire class. (enter for picture and text)

stagecoach kid - (USA 1949) starring tim holt and jeff donnell. jeff donnell dresses up as a cowboy but doesn`t fool tim holt who ends up giving her a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

the steel claw - (USA 1961) starring george montgomery and charito luna. the scene is set among a group of people in a jungle. one of the men attempts to come on to the pretty charito luna and she screams, montgomery comes to the scene and ends up giving her a spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

she wrote the book (USA 1946) starring kirby grant and joan davis. joan davis gets kirby grant into trouble with his boss and ultimately he gets fired, so he spanks her behind in front of a large audience at a dance. (enter for picture and text)

*slumber party 57 - (USA 1976) starring bill thurman and noelle north. dad (bill thurman) spanks his on-screen daughter (noelle north) for being a slut and sleeping with her history professor. (enter for picture and text)

*two women - (ITALY 1961) starring sophie loren and eleanora brown. a mother spanks her teenage daughter. (enter for picture and text)

the thin man goes home - (USA 1944) starring william powell and myrna loy. william powell gives myrna loy 12 spanks on her behind with a rolled-up newspaper because of an article that appears in it. (enter for pictures and text)

too young to kiss - (USA 1951) (dir) robert z. leonard, starring van johnson and june allyson. a pretty young lady catches her uncle retrieving a bottle of beer from the swimming pool at night, when she confronts him and throws it back in he puts her across his knee and spanks her. (enter for pictures and text)

taming the wild - (USA 1936) starring rod la rocque and maxine doyle. a lady gets herself into some trouble with some gangsters, much to the annoyance of the man who loves her and he spanks her with a hairbrush for it. (enter for pictures and text)

true grit - (USA 1969) starring john wayne, glen campbell and kim darby. glen campbell gives kim darby`s butt a stinging spanking with a switch until john wayne puts a stop to it. (enter for pictures and text)

the ups and downs of a handyman - (UK 1975) starring bob todd and olivia syson. bob todd is the village squire who loves to spank girls bottoms. 4 mild fun spanking scenes are featured. (enter for pictures and text)

wagon train - (USA tv) starring john mcintire, michael burns, and deborah walley. a young man and lady run away from home, when they are found the boy is spanked hard by his father, the girl (deborah walley) finds it quite amusing until she is taken over his knee for a dose of the same. (enter for pictures and text)

wagon train - (USA tv 1959) starring robert Horton and susan oliver. the beautiful young susan oliver steals cowboy robert horton`s gun and holds him up with it, but when she fires it she finds out that the cowboy had already emptied it, he then puts her over his knee and spanks her. (enter for pictures and text)

*young ideas - (USA 1943) starring susan peters and mary astor. a middle aged mother puts her adult daughter across her knee and spanks her. (enter for pictures and text)

zwanzig madchen und die pauker - (GER 1972). a trouble-making female student reports to the principal`s study and ends up getting her behind spanked. (enter for picture and text)

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