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Welcome to my books page. I love books but, there was a time not too long ago when I hated them. Shortly after being rear ended by a stolen car, I began to have 'vision' difficulties. It took awhile for me to notice that it wasn't a general vision problem but that I was specifically having trouble reading. It was so bad that for almost an entire year I couldn't read at all. It was the most unpleasant year of my life. Eventually after many doctors and tests (I've been in every type of brain scanner made), I retreated home to my computer where using some software I wrote for myself, I managed to retrain myself to read.

Now, my whole life is centered around reading. I spend on average six hours per day, everyday (including Sundays and holidays) reading books. There is essentially a continuous stream of books flowing from the Amazon warehouse to my book shelves, with a new shipment ariving every two weeks or so.

On this page, I plan to house extended versions of my hosted reviews, and other book related information and resources.

Kanzi: The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind - Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, et al
This is an important, if somewhat defensive book. I would have been much more interested to read more about Kanzi's day to day behavior and to see some actual scientific data instead of the story of the investigator's scientific publishing woes. Nevertheless, this book should be read widely and it's message that we humans are not as unique as we like to think needs careful consideration by all scientists and the general population.

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