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This is just a shot of me that I am using on my Review page.

This is my family. Jessica my wife and Kilian who was only 6 days old when this picture was taken, New Year's Eve, 1999. Here are the Earliest Images of Kilian

This is Kilian when he was 30 minutes old.

Kilian's first bath!

Kilian and Mom in the tub with water glowing from sunlight!

Jessica at Chaucer Court in Haywards Heath, England on our wedding day, April 10th, 1999. Kilian is in this picture too, but we didn't know it at the time.

Our Honeymoon in Paris, me with Notre Dame and Jessica at the fountain of Pompidou Centre.We went to Amsterdam too, but were too occupied to take any pictures...

On our balcony in Antofagasta reading Kanzi.

Everyone's favorite picture of Jessica (and Kilian). She's actually in the apartment with her tummy (and Kilian) pressed up against the glass door.

On the border of Chile and Argentina.

On a London street, not too impressed with being photographed.

Three  of the four VLT telescopes at Paranal where I work

This is Antu, the first VLT telescope and the one I usually operate. Below is me with the upper half of Antu, and to the right, Jessica standing by the yellow FORS1 camera. This telescope is really MASSIVE!

Salar de Atacama - a few hours inland from here.

This is NASA testing a robot near here.

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The Moai of Easter Island, which is a possession of Chile. (I had a friend in when I was a teenager who used to love to make Moai out of clay and place them all over his bedroom. These ones are bigger)