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This is from the Winnipeg Free Press, sometime in April of 1984, and represents my first media interview. It was also the beginning of my professional software development career which took me all over the world and resulted in my being able to retire in comfort a mere 13 years later.

Since 1984, I've done hundreds of interviews in Canada and around the world concerning my various computer projects and other computer or technology related issues. I even made it to CNN on January 8th, 1997, with a 3 minute piece that ran all day that day on my now quite dead internet soap opera, CR6.

This is the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press, February 15, 1997 (I'm in the blue suit), the day after we launched CR6. In the short time it was on the net, it got a lot of attention, it was even a Yahoo! Pick of the Week.

Yahoo! said: "CR6 is the creation of Clickable Systems International, a Winnipeg company redefining the limits of the Internet. Imagine a storybook where, as you progress through the pages, you can choose different characters to hear their thoughts or follow them down private pathways, or ... again, we shouldn't be telling. But while the technology side of this site rates high on the gee-whiz scale, the characters are what will keep you coming back for more every week."

The whole thing came apart the way many music groups do; in-fighting. It finally got so bad that I withdrew from the project, selling the rights to all the intellectual property to the cast (They did NONE of the fighting).

In the end, it was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. After all, how often do you get to hold a press conference in a place like the Manitoba Legislative Building, with three Ministers,  ALL the media in the city, AND  be quoted saying "feces and genitalia" on the front page of the paper the next day?

This is from episode 6 of CR6. I found it in the San Angelo Standard Times - One of the actors, Jeff Grays was a former professional football player from San Angelo, thus the coverage..

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