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June 5, 2000 - It has been confirmed today that I will be speaking about my book Hacking Consciousness at H2K - Hackers on Planet Earth in New York City in July, sponsored by 2600 Magazine.

April 28, 2000 - I co-discovered what appears to be a new supernova. I'll post details when it is confirmed.

April 26, 2000 - GAC (Generic Artificial Consciousness) is set to go live in June. This is phase one of the MindPixel Digital Mind Modeling Project to collectively digitize human consciousness

January 4, 2000 - I'm excited that my new book, Hacking Consciousness is finally going to be published later this year after almost 5 years of work. Watch for it at or your local bookstore.

Any spare time I get, I spend creating images like the one you see below. Each was created freehand without reference to any models.You can find more images in my art section.

Healing (see how I made this image)



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Old News:

I live in the tower on the right with my family, right on the beach. Very cool for someone who lived most his life in central Canada.

I work alternating weeks operating the world's largest optical telescope, the VLT for the Europan Southern Obersvatory.

Every night I'm on the mountain I see things no human has ever seen before. I feel exceptionally privledged to do so..

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